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Posted: April 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello to all of you who have submitted artwork, and to those of you who will do so (there’s still time!) Here is some more info as to what we are looking for (see specific specs from the 1st blog)

The only text that needs to be on the cover art is as follows:

Lab 2013

The One O’clock Lab Band

Directed by Steve Wiest


“Lab 2013” should be the largest font or design

“The One O’Clock LAb Band” should be the next biggest

“Directed by Steve Wiest” should be the smallest


There is no need to include any other text as we will need to do that from the final track listings, timings, copyrights, etc.

Your artwork is for the cover, the back and the CD itself. (see specs on the first blog)

Everyone is welcome to submit multiple ideas as well


Thanks All! Looking forward to seeing your work, and thanks!

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