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After a vote by The One O’Clock Lab Band members, it was decided that none of the entires were to be chosen as a winner for the Jazz Town U.S.A. contest. While the thoughtful artistic merits of each entry were considered carefully and deemed to be of  professional quality, it was decided that none of the entries fit the current creative goals for Lab 2013.

We all thank you for these submissions and wish you all the best with your future artistic endeavors, but at this point the One O’Clock has chosen to go with a commission outside of the available pool of entries.

Thank you all so very much.


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Jazz Town U.S.A. has EXTENDED the deadlines!

Here is the new information:

Submission Deadline: Monday, April 29

The One O’Clock will vote on all submissions: Thursday, May 2

The winning submission will be announced Friday May 3

(The One O’Clock reserves the right to not choose a winner )


More Info…

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Hello to all of you who have submitted artwork, and to those of you who will do so (there’s still time!) Here is some more info as to what we are looking for (see specific specs from the 1st blog)

The only text that needs to be on the cover art is as follows:

Lab 2013

The One O’clock Lab Band

Directed by Steve Wiest


“Lab 2013” should be the largest font or design

“The One O’Clock LAb Band” should be the next biggest

“Directed by Steve Wiest” should be the smallest


There is no need to include any other text as we will need to do that from the final track listings, timings, copyrights, etc.

Your artwork is for the cover, the back and the CD itself. (see specs on the first blog)

Everyone is welcome to submit multiple ideas as well


Thanks All! Looking forward to seeing your work, and thanks!

Video Blog #1

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Welcome to the Jazz Town U.S.A. Project! Here is a new-and-improved version of our first video blog. Take a tour of good ol’ Denton with members of the One O’Clock Lab Band as we discuss the JTUSA Art Contest. And while you’re here, click on the “About” tab at the top of the screen to learn all of the details of this exciting contest. We’re all looking forward to your contribution to Lab 2013!

The Jazz Town U.S.A. Project

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Welcome to Jazz Town U.S.A.! That’s what I love to call the town that The University of North Texas and The six-time Grammy-nominated One O’Clock Lab Band call home: Denton, Texas. Recently coming in at number one on Business Insider’s list of The Top Ten Small Towns in America, “The Little Apple” is starting to show the entire country what we have all known for years. Denton is a hotbed for creativity and the arts in general. A community fueled by an influx of the best talent in the world via UNT as well as a tradition of local artists second to none,  Denton really is “Jazz Town U.S.A.”


This site will be a place where everyone can get together and keep track of the progress on Lab 2013. I will post video-blogs regularly of rehearsals, discussions with the composers, and updates on the CD Artwork contest.

The what, the what?

Big announcement:

We are having a contest to choose the artwork for the Lab 2013 CD cover! Focusing specifically on Dentonite-artists.

The One O’Clock Lab Band’s new recording: Lab 2013 will contain music that reflects the sights sounds and vibe of the country’s best small town: Denton! By having a Dentonite as the artist for our CD cover artwork, we want to bring the community into the studio to be a part of the process itself and to offer up a big ol’ “thank you” for all the years of support and great music!

Here’s how it works:

Deadline for submissions: Monday, April 22 via e-mail or Dropbox (contact me via this site to get my personal e-mail). Voting takes place on Wednesday, April 24. Winner announced on Thursday, April 25.

1. Send me an e-mail of intent:

2. You must be a current or former resident of Denton (UNT students present-and-past qualify!)

3. The artwork must reflect your impressions of Denton.

4. You will need to provide an electronic mock up of the artwork. Included “watermarks” are fine to protect intellectual property. Make your mock-up submission a high res jpeg of your vision for the cover, the back and the CD itself. Specific dig-pack dimensions for the final version are as follows:

Six panel digipak w/ diagonal pocket. Include the full 6 panel digipak, CD face, and standard booklet front and back pages.


5. The members of the One O’Clock will vote on all of the mock ups on April 24, 2013.

6. The winning selection will then become part of the amazing One O’Clock tradition itself! (t-shirts, swag merchandise in general, posters, websites, and of course: thousands of CDs!)

7. AND, the winner will receive a $250.00 honorarium (hey, we’re talking ARTISTS here…there needs to be some bread involved, you dig?)

For your inspiration, here are the titles of the tunes currently slated to appear on the project. More to be added soon:

1. Denton Standard Time

2. Oddfellows

3. Somewhere on the Thirty Third Parallel

4. The Hens on Panhandle Street

5. Will or Would? (as in Willow Wood street)

6. Take The A-Train (an arrangement of the Strayhorn classic, but titled for our A-Train)

I look forward to celebrating our very own Jazz Town U.S.A. with all of you!

Keep swingin’!

Steve Wiest: Director of The One O’Clock Lab Band